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Re: Same issue as already reported, and partially fixed

severity 554444 grave
merge 929172 904699

Hi Diederik,

On 31-05-2019 21:16, Diederik de Haas wrote:
> Control: severity -1 serious

Please don't use this if you CC multiple bugs that aren't all of the
same severity.

> The fix has actually been made. But the problem is that it needs an unblock ack 
> from the d-i team (https://bugs.debian.org/928908), but after 2 weeks there is 
> still no reply.

Please have patience. D-I is busy.

> When that is done, (afaik) a rebuild of the package to pick up the change in 
> libdebian-installer is needed (at least for cdebootstrap-static? which I'm 
> using).

Please file a binNMU bug already than (I didn't check if that is the
correct course of action, but better discuss that there).


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