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Same issue as already reported, and partially fixed

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This is the same issue as https://bugs.debian.org/904699, which is actually an 
issue in libdebian-installer (https://bugs.debian.org/554444).

The fix has actually been made. But the problem is that it needs an unblock ack 
from the d-i team (https://bugs.debian.org/928908), but after 2 weeks there is 
still no reply.
When that is done, (afaik) a rebuild of the package to pick up the change in 
libdebian-installer is needed (at least for cdebootstrap-static? which I'm 

Raised the issue to be RC as cdebootstrap(-static) is pretty much useless as 
it is now if you want to install buster (or sid).
My previous attempts to push this towards a solution have been unsuccessful so 
far and I don't know what else I could do...

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