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Bug#928863: debian-installer: Add support for NanoPi NEO2

On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 07:08:31PM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Cyril,

> Domenico Andreoli <cavok@debian.org> (2019-05-14):
> > > I suppose we could merge this and let you test and report what
> > > happens with daily builds. Would that be fine with you?
> > 
> > Of course it's fine with me.
> Great! Just pushed an updated master; you should find updated images in
> a couple of hours here:
>   https://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/daily-build-overview.html
>   https://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/arm64/daily/

I've just verified that the build of today works perfectly on my board.
I assembled the sdcard image as per instructions [0] and installed the
system without any issue. Fantastic!

flash-kernel support is not yet merged [1] so I could not boot the
newly installed system but after the installation u-boot is still in
place and I expect that as soon [1] is merged everything would be fine.

I'd be delighted to see it in RC2... ;)


[0] https://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/arm64/daily/netboot/SD-card-images/README.concatenateable_images
[1] https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/flash-kernel/merge_requests/5

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