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Bug#929175: Buster d-i RC1: Synaptics touchpad didn't work in installer on HP Mini

Hi Jacob,

And thanks for your report.

Jacob Nevins <jacobn+debian@chiark.greenend.org.uk> (2019-05-18):
> My biggest problem: my touchpad didn't work at all in the graphical
> installer; the mouse pointer is stuck in the centre of the screen and
> doesn't respond to movement on the touchpad.
> It works in the installed system, out of the box; I'm using Xfce4. I
> think it's a Synaptics sort of a device, but I'm a bit unclear on the
> details. Hopefully the attached files give enough detail.

Wondering whether this could be something similar to #926057. I suppose
an lsmod from the installed system could give some hints.

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