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Re: Debian buster EFI netinstall timeout getting grubx64.efi

Dear Rory,

On 09.05.19 12:18, Rory Campbell-Lange wrote:
> I'm no expert but are you on a monitor or console. If the latter it is
> possible that you need to set the Supermicro setup to redirect the first
> serial port. Alternatively I believe you can reconfigure the netboot
> configuration for serial configuration.

For debugging purposes?
> Recent Supermicros have a handy HTML5 console view available via the BMC
> which should allow you to connect to both a redirected virtual screen or
> serial console (where the latter is typically serial 2, I believe).

I could see the local console screen without problems (screenshot), it's just
that there's no info what's happening on it.
The idea is that grubx64 loads its menu and we load a preseed.cfg via that.


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