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Re: Debian buster EFI netinstall timeout getting grubx64.efi

On 09/05/19, Michael Kesper (mkesper@schokokeks.org) wrote:
> please excuse my ignorance, but I cannot figure out how to netboot Debian buster.
> Can you give me pointers to a working setup for multiple distributions (e.g. Debian 9 and Debian 10)
> with EFI boot?
> I come as far as getting the GRUB2 shell displayed (version 2.0.2+dfsg1-16).
> I can see "Fetching Netboot Image" (see screenshot), then after 30s the Grub shell gets displayed.
> I can see no more files being tried to download, no NAKs.
> Setup:
> Supermicro Server with E5-2600, boot mode: UEFI

Hi Michael

I'm no expert but are you on a monitor or console. If the latter it is
possible that you need to set the Supermicro setup to redirect the first
serial port. Alternatively I believe you can reconfigure the netboot
configuration for serial configuration.

Recent Supermicros have a handy HTML5 console view available via the BMC
which should allow you to connect to both a redirected virtual screen or
serial console (where the latter is typically serial 2, I believe).


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