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Bug#926903: Installation-report addition

On Thu, 2019-05-02 at 07:32 +1000, Tom Thekathyil wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> Thanks for trying to help.  You will note from my original report as
> well as the follow-up on 28 April that I had installed the
> 'firmware-amd-graphics' package and still get the error message.

Ah, sorry.

> # apt search firmware-amd-graphics
> > firmware-amd-graphics/testing, now 201901 14-1 all [installed]
> # whereis firmware-amd-graphics
> > firmware-amd-graphics:
> Despite above response I am able to install and remove the package
> easily.  But it makes no visible difference to the graphics or to
> dmesg error message.

All the amdgpu driver is doing at that point is checking that
/lib/firmware/amdgpu exists - which it certainly does in the main
system.  But perhaps the driver has been included in the initramfs
without the firmware.  (I can check this but it will take a while.)

Does running "update-initramfs -u" fix the problem for you?


Ben Hutchings
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