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Bug#833268: closed by Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org> (task-lxde-desktop: LXDE desktop does not include a web browser)

On Mon, Oct 01, 2018 at 09:06:39PM +0200, Holger Wansing wrote:
Sorry, but you mix-up several problems into one bugreport, which are all
completely unrelated to the tasksel package. There is nothing that can
be done against all this in tasksel.
So there need to be other packages to be found, to file this against.

I agree, src:tasksel is not where this should be filed or fixed.
Whichever LXDE package ships the actual shortcut icon to launch
x-www-browser would be the culprit package. I'm no more an LXDE
packaging expert now than I was when I filed this, two years ago,
but I will make another effort to find a more appropriate package
and reassign.


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