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Bug#749991: Wrong kernel in debian-installer package

On Thu, Apr 06, 2017 at 09:46:55AM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Alexander Sosedkin <monk@unboiled.info> (2017-04-06):
> > That's one way to think about it. Got it, keeping old modules is hard.
> > But I wasn't asking about keeping old modules, I see no point in this.
> > I was asking about generating and publishing a matching
> > dists/testing/main/installer-<arch>/current on kernel upload.
> > Why is _that_ hard?
> Because what's below testing/ was copied over from unstable/, and what's
> below unstable/ is being copied from the results of the debian-installer
> upload, which fetches its components from testing (that's our release
> cycle works: we hammer testing into shape until it gets released as a
> new stable). So a new kernel in unstable isn't sufficient to have all
> the pieces together, that's why we have daily builds, and that's why you
> keep being pointed at them.

Maybe people could be pointed to stable instead.

As the debian-installer netboot packages are updated with each point 
release, kernel module mismatch/missing issues should be avoidable.

Besides installing dist=stable by default, also testing and sid are 

Just adding 'mirror/suite=testing' as additional param to the kernel 
command line is enough.

(Someone wanting unstable would replace 'testing' with 'sid'.)


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