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Bug#907768: debian-installer: gfx and txt installer fail on new System76 oryx pro 17in 1080P disp w nvidia GTX1070

Greetings all,

System76 support informs me they have successfully reproduced the issue on a
machine with hardware identical to mine, meaning this is likely a hardware
compatibility issue and not a faulty hardware issue.

I would like to imagine if we can just figure out the proper boot paramaters
here, the installer will just work, but I am out of my wheelhouse here and could
use some help.

In an attempt to unblock myself, I went ahead and set up a debian live USB
planning to do a manual install with debootstrap and, surprise surprise, the
live USB image also has a debian-installer style boot menu, and exhibits the
exact same behavior as the installer does, so I cannot boot into a live debian
system from the USB images either.  I'm trying to create an ubuntu live thumb
drive now so I can run debootstrap from there...


Carl Myers 
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