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Re: Include the mini.iso in the debian-installer-*-netboot-* packages?


Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> (2018-06-26):
> For some reason, the netboot installer packages do not contain the
> mini.iso files. This is explicitly filtered out by way of a "grep -v
> mini.iso", which "git blame" tells me has always been the case.
> Anyone know (or remember) why that is so? I think that having .iso files
> on a VM host that are auto-updated as the host is updated can be useful,
> and so would like to instead see them be part of the installable
> installer netboot packages.

Tried git blame? (Hint: That's the initial code.)

Anyway: no specific opinion on whether shipping (sometimes multiple)
mini.iso is a good idea. Open a wishlist bug report against dini source
and see what regular dini contributors think about this?

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