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Bug#902123: finish-install: `update-initramfs -u` needs proc(5) and sysfs(5) resp. mounted to /proc and /sys for the cryptsetup hook

Package: finish-install
Version: 2.94
Severity: important

Hi there,

Upgrading to cryptsetup ≥2:2.0.3-2 from d-i might yield an unbootable system
if the initramfs image is updated at finish-install stage.

That's because the cryptroot hook script is now relying on pseudo-filesystems
proc(5) (for /proc/{mounts,cpuinfo,cmdline}) and sysfs(5) (to generate the
block device hierarchy and determine which devices need to be unlocked at
initramfs stage).  These pseudo-filesystems are respectively mounted to
/target/proc and /target/sys during the installation of the base system, but
unmounted before finish-install's postinst script runs /usr/lib/finish-install.d/*.

So if the target system's root FS is on an encrypted system, and console-setup
is installed, then /usr/lib/finish-install.d/10update-initramfs triggers
`in-target update-initramfs -u -k all` without mountpoints /proc and /sys,
hence the cryptsetup(8) binaries and crypto modules aren't included in the
generated initramfs image, and the new system can't boot.  (I assume most
users won't see the big warning in the log file.)

A dirty fix would be to make the cryptsetup hook file mount /proc and /sys if
needed, but I'm quite reluctant to do that :-P  Is there a reason why proc(5)
and sysfs(5) are unmounted before finish-install stage?  Adding
`mount`/`umount` to /usr/lib/finish-install.d/10update-initramfs would not be
enough since other udebs might want to update the initramfs as well at
finish-install stage; for instance /usr/lib/finish-install.d/10open-iscsi from

Another thing, since the cryptsetup package split (≥2:2.0.3-1),
/usr/lib/finish-install.d/10update-initramfs should `dpkg-query -s
cryptsetup-initramfs` not cryptsetup.  If the target system has no encrypted
devices that need to be unlocked at initramfs stage (for instance, if only the
FS holding /home is on an encrypted device) then there is no need to deploy
cryptsetup's initramfs integration, but the cryptsetup scripts and binaries
might be installed regardless.


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