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Re: processes/lock on dillon regarding static sync

On Sun, 17 Jun 2018, Cyril Brulebois wrote:

> From reading #debian-release a couple of hours ago, it looks like one of
> the hosts behind static hit ENOSPC lately, and we've had accumulating
> processes on dillon, trying to sync to static. AFAICT, the script used
> (static-update-component) sudoes to some other user (staticsync), and I
> don't seem able to kill those, meaning a lot of processes waiting on the
> lock. It seems to me DSA action is needed to clear things up but I'd be
> happy to learn about other ways we could have handled this ourselves.
>     kibi@dillon:~$ pgrep -f static-update-component | wc -l
>     75
>     kibi@dillon:~$ pgrep -u staticsync ssh | wc -l
>     85

Hm.  I am not sure ENOSPC would cause this.  Maybe more a slow or
lagging system.

Anyway, things seem to be back in order now but do let us know if you
notice anything weird again.

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