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Re: webpages sync for d-i.debian.org broken on dillon

Holger Wansing <linux@wansing-online.de> (2018-06-17):
> While doing that, I found that bad things seem to happen on dillon
> regarding the rsync of the webpages d-i.debian.org:
> there are several processes named "static-update-component d-i.debian.org"
> and resulting child processes from the past, which seem to be hanging, and
> a newly executed push-www command hangs for ever.
> That's probably the result of several cron jobs not working correctly
> because of the shutdown of Alioth.

I'm not sure. ISTR having seen mentioned on IRC that one of the hosts
behind static hit ENOSPC. It might be that some jobs failed to detect
that and are hanging forever since? (ps says started Jun 15.)

Anyway, AFAICT, alioth shouldn't be on the push-to-static path.

> What's the correct way to fix this?
> Call DSA for this?
> Or kill the processes and see what happens?
> I personally feel somewhat uncomfortable doing such things ...

Apparently we can only kill the master processes (which I just did),
which then forks and sudoes to staticsync. I don't think child processes
will notice or care, and they might hang around… I'll get in touch with
debian-admin@ later today.

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