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Debian 9 base product DVD installation using PXE boot in headless way.

Hi All,

Pls forgive me if it is not the right forum to ask debian based product ISO installation in headless way over PXE/Network related questions on this list.

I've a PXE server running along with DNSMASQ and TFTP configured and set Virtual Box based VM (for test puposes) as network boot in BIOS and start the VM, it boots using the PXE server and I can see PXE boot message in the console and take the IP from DHCP server in the network and also start product's ISO as soon as it goes ahead it gives the error "No common CD ROM detected" and installation does not proceed as expected.

I also tried to boot using netboot.tar.gz from debian repository as an starting point it works as expected and install the basic system in interactive way.

 I want to install my product's custom DVD on several machines in my network in headless way using PXE server.

I've tried to google it but no solid example could be found.

Does somebody know if it is possible to achieve this or with some workrounds? 

Thank you.

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