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Re: task-tamil-gnome-desktop Recommends bug

Quoting Hugh McMaster (hugh.mcmaster@outlook.com):
> Hi Christian,
> Are you still handling updates to tasksel and related binary packages?
> I filed #897982 [1] so the package tamil-gtk2im could be tagged for removal from the archive.
> That cannot happen until tamil-gtk2im is removed from task-tamil-gnome-desktop's Recommends field.
> (Interestingly, tamil-gtk2im is blocking the removal of dh_gtkmodules from gtk+2.0 and the use of 
> multi-arch support in that package.)
> When do you think you will be able to handle the necessary change in the git repo?

Hello Hugh,

tasksel is maintained by the D-I team, not only myself.

I'm currently on holidays on not in position of doing much work on
packages. Moreover, tasksel's git repo hasn't been migrated to salsa,
as far as I know. So, well, I can't promise anything on that issue,
sorry for this.

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