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Bug#872410: AHCI module not loaded when using preseed

Hello Jörg,

All the lines you suggested me work for my problem. I put the third in my configuration.
Gilles Émilien MOREL <contact@gilles-morel.fr>
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Re: Bug#872410: AHCI module not loaded when using preseed
Hello Gilles,

with this HACK you don't have to modify your kernel, initrd or 
udeb-repository. Simply add this line to your preseed file:

d-i preseed/early_command string sed -i '/depmod -a > .dev.null 2>&1 || 
true/a modprobe ahci || true' /bin/hw-detect

It tries to modify /bin/hw-detect to unconditionally try to load the 
ahci module after the "depmod -a"-command at the beginning of the 
script. hw-detect is called (at least) 2 times before partitioning.
First for network-detect (at this time the sata-modules-udeb is
obviously not available and modprobe will fail) and a second time form 
disk-detect. Now the sata-modules-udeb should have been installed 
already and the ahci-module is ready to install - after "depmop -a" of 

This is no solution for the root cause of the problem.

To further investigate this it would be nice if you could confirm my 
guess of a timing problem. For this you could add this line to your 
preseed file (instead of the above of course):

d-i preseed/early_command string sed -i '/^update-dev >.dev.null$/i 
sleep 10' /bin/hw-detect

or this:

d-i preseed/early_command string sed -i '/^update-dev >.dev.null$/i 
udevadm control --reload' /bin/hw-detect

Hope this helps.


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