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Bug#891976: localechooser: Unhelpful modifications to /root/.profile when locale "C" is chosen

Package: localechooser
Version: 2.69
Severity: normal
Tags: d-i

If I install Stretch using Debian-Installer and select language 'C' ('no
localisation'), and default locale 'C', then I end up with the following
lines at the end of /root/.profile:

# Installed by Debian Installer:
#  no localization for root because C
#  cannot be properly displayed at the Linux console

This is mostly harmless, but it causes trouble if I later change
/etc/default/locale (eg to C.UTF-8).

This seems to have been going on for the last several Debian releases.

sources.debian.net suggests that these lines are added by the
post-base-installer.d/05localechooser script.

The intention is apparently that those lines would be added if the
selected language is one which has "no chance to be displayed at the
Linux console", so I think adding them when the C locale was chosen is a

I don't understand how the code it's using to decide whether to do this
ends up firing for "C", but in any case it appears to be broken:

 - it evidently hasn't been updated for changes to the format of the
   languagelist file ('cut -f 2-3' seems appropriate for the version in
   etch but not the version in lenny);

 - it fails to ignore comment lines.

Perhaps terminals have improved sufficiently that this feature should
just be removed altogether.

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