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Bug#891964: Unable to install Debian Buster from buster mini.iso

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20171204
Severity: grave

Steps to reproduce:
1. Download mini.iso from

2. Launch Oracle VM VirtualBox (in my case 5.1.34 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS host system)
3. Create new virtual machine with mini.iso as boot CD/DVD and clean virtual SATA harddisk.
4. Boot virtual machine from mini.iso

* select Install
* choose language
* wait for network configuration, set hostname, set ftp.us.debian.org mirror

Then the following dialog appears:
"[!!] Download installer components

No kernel modules were found. This probably is due to a mismatch between the kernel used by this version of the Installer and the kernel version available in the archive.

If you 're Installing from a mirror, you can work around this problem by choosing to Install a different version of Debian. The Install will probably fail to work if you continue without kernel modules.
Continue the Install without loading kernel modules?

<Go Back> <Yes> <No>"

I selected <Yes>, it downloads files, asked for root password twice, asked for normal user name and password, set clock and timezone and then installer asks for disk drive controller (all options fails) so I select *continue with no disk drive* or *none of the above* and installer fails with red screen.

"[!] Detect disks
No partitionable media

No partitionable media were found.

Please check that a hard disk is attached to this machine.
<Go Back> <Continue>"

Is it normal behavior?
Why I can't install Debian buster from mini.iso?

As far I can remember I can install development version of Ubuntu in such way.

Note: I can't install from kvm too:
$ kvm -m 1024 -vga std -drive file=debian10.raw,format=raw -cdrom mini.iso -boot d

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