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Re: Armel: Debian installer freeezes (GuruPlug Server plus)

* Kari Tanninen <otmen@elisanet.fi> [2018-03-01 11:26]:
> HW: Guruplug Server plus with JTAG-box (ARMv5-family)
> original U-boot pre-2014
> Is there any fix-up/work-aroud trick available or is new kernel compiling
> only option?

I've never had a GuruPlug so I cannot really comment but why are you
using the pre-2014 u-boot version?  I cannot remember all the
differences of the u-boot versions of the installation page says you
should upgrade your u-boot before installing Debian.  Maybe you can
give this a try.

Based on the logs you posted, it seems to me that the kernel and
ramdisk are loaded but the kernel doesn't see the ramdisk, leading to
the "no root" issue.

Martin Michlmayr

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