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Armel: Debian installer freeezes (GuruPlug Server plus)

HW: Guruplug Server plus with JTAG-box (ARMv5-family)
Debian U-boot version: Armel stretch (buster u-boot version freezes when setting ethact IP-addresses), original U-boot pre-2014
Debain Installer version: stretch&buster

Problem: When trying to launch d-i (stretch&buster, with instructions from Martin Michlmayr webpages) from USB-stick or memory (tftp-load), installer freezes with text "Uncompressing Linux". Original U-boot version pre-2014 has a documented bug with old u-boot versions variables (bootm_size value). Setting initrd_high/fdt_high 0xffffffff to fix doesn't help.

When FDT-blob loaded to fix problem(addres 0x0c000000)kernel founds fdt and uInird and starts obviously normally but won't read command line parametres from fdt-memory area as should (using original default fdt instead), and cannot find root file system (on default fdt-file root filesystem is not defined).

Seems that U-boot sets and finds command line parametres to/from fdt normally, but kernel doesn't use it. (maybe d-i kernel configured for statical fdt?)

Reference: Globalscale Fedora 11 (+ OpenDC) development package works and installs (unfortunatelly very old) system without major problems (minor changes with MAC-address space defaults to perl script needed) -> HW probably OK

Is there any fix-up/work-aroud trick available or is new kernel compiling only option?

Kari Tanninen

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