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Re: [pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Upcoming transition: libcryptsetup4 -> libcryptsetup12


Guilhem Moulin <guilhem@debian.org> (2017-12-18):
> On Sun, 17 Dec 2017 at 18:12:21 +0100, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> > FWIW, feel free to (x-debbugs-)cc debian-boot@ when requesting such
> > additions; you might get some feedback like a patch or two, or
> > alternative routes to consider.
> > 
> > I hadn't spotted libcryptsetup12-udeb isn't installable due to these
> > dependencies, as experimental isn't checked automatically:
> > https://d-i.debian.org/dose/
> Makes sense, sorry for not doing so.

No worries, knowing about the transition in advance was nice already. :)

> > I've added this as a todo item, along with looking into src:argon2
> > and src:json-c. I'll try to look into that next week (ping welcome),
> > but we'll need to get those packages past NEW; it would be
> > appreciated to only start the cryptsetup transition once
> > dependencies can be satisfied, to avoid breaking d-i daily builds
> > purposefully.
> Ack.  I see mejo has just requested the transition slot in #884618,
> that means we should we block that bug by #88052[56], right?

That would look good yes.

> > Also, from one the those two bugs: “cryptsetup ≥2.0.0 introduces a
> > new on-disk “LUKS2” format, which support Argon2i and Argon2id as
> > PBKDF.”
> > 
> > Is that a new default format? Does it need any special handling from
> > d-i components, like options or files to create, or is that just a
> > transparent change for cryptsetup callers?
> The format isn't the new default in the sense that `cryptsetup
> luksFormat` still creates “legacy” LUKS (version 1) devices, and one
> needs to append `--type luks2` to create LUKS2 devices.  Opening a LUKS2
> block device does require a locking directory[0] (/run/lock/cryptsetup),
> but partman-crypto can stay as is as long as it keeps creating LUKS1
> devices.
> Not sure what's upstream's intention regarding making `cryptsetup
> luksFormat` create LUKS2 devices by default, but at this stage it seems
> precipitated to switch to LUKS2 in d-i: I'd rather stick to upstream's
> default, especially considering the following snippets of their v2.0.0
> Release Notes:
>     “Please note that […] the LUKS2 on-disk format itself are new
>     features and can contain some bugs.”
>     — https://gitlab.com/cryptsetup/cryptsetup/blob/v2.0.0/docs/v2.0.0-ReleaseNotes#L15
> (And FWIW it's possible to later in-place convert a device from LUKS1 to
> LUKS2 format using `cryptsetup convert`, although it of course won't
> magically upgrade the crypto & PKDF algorithms.)

Alright; feel free to poke us again for partman-crypto when the new
format looks mature enough so that we see about adding support for it.

> > Alternatively, instead of waiting for udebs to be available for the
> > dependencies, maybe support for those two libraries could be patched
> > out temporarily in the cryptsetup udebs?
> For libargon2-0 it should be a matter of changing the default PBKDF
> back to pbkdf2, but I don't see a way to drop the libjson-c3
> dependency unless we compile cryptsetup without LUKS2 support (LUKS2
> headers contain metadata stored in JSON format [1]), which is not
> trivial AFAICT.

Alright, thanks for your input, that's going to guide my looking into
these packages during the week; I'll investigate as soon as I'm done
with urgent matters.

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