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Re: Beginner guidance sought - creating my own boot environment based on the Debian installer

>>>>> On Sun, 17 Dec 2017 18:04:46 +0000, Mark Bettles <alo0taoranges@gmail.com> said:

    > As I am the most familiar with Debian, and I consider the ncurses based installer to be the best at preseeding, so it makes sense to use that as a
    > foundation for what I wish to create.
Maybe have a look at https://fai-project.org/FAIme which is an easy
way to start with FAI (Fully automatic Installation). FAI is much more
powerfull as the debian-installer and very flexible.
It also has a rescue mode, which includes much more tools for
recovering than d-i and it does not use the busybox tools but just
the normal versions of the commands.

regards Thomas

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