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Description of timezones in translations


when reviewing the latest changings o timezones ("Moscow+09 - Kamchatka"), I 
found, that some translations have descriptions like "Asia/Kamchatka" for the 
above Kamchatka or "Europe/Samara" for "Moscow+01 - Samara".

Is this something like an old formatting from long past days?
I couldn't find a corresponding conversion in the po files from 2008 - 2017
(say: the whole svn repo) and in the changelog of tzsetup.

Results are like this (here for Greek):

msgid "Moscow+00 - Moscow"
msgstr "Μόσχα+00 - Μόσχα"

msgid "Moscow+01 - Samara"
msgstr "Europe/Samara"

msgid "Moscow+02 - Yekaterinburg"
msgstr "Μόσχα+02 - Αικατερίνεμπουργκ"

msgid "Moscow+03 - Omsk"
msgstr "Μόσχα+03 - Ομσκ"

msgid "Moscow+04 - Krasnoyarsk"
msgstr "Μόσχα+04 - Krasnoyarsk"

msgid "Moscow+05 - Irkutsk"
msgstr "Μόσχα+05 - Irkutsk"

msgid "Moscow+06 - Yakutsk"
msgstr "Μόσχα+06 - Yakutsk"

msgid "Moscow+07 - Vladivostok"
msgstr "Μόσχα+07 - Βλαδιβοστόκ"

msgid "Moscow+08 - Magadan"
msgstr "Asia/Magadan"

msgid "Moscow+09 - Kamchatka"
msgstr "Asia/Kamchatka"

For consistency, this should be converted into the format used in English IMO.

Just to understand the reason, why it looks like the above: can someone
confirm, that it's outdated formatting from the past?


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