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Re: some notes on util-linux takeover of eject


Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> (2017-10-24):
> It's actually smaller then the old eject-udeb as I didn't include the
> gettext translations.

Why? OK this was late and maybe I wasn't clear on IRC, but keeping the
i18n + l10n part working is important.

> But there is one complication: I noticed that eject in util-linux
> currently linux only.
> If we made the udeb linux-any, how would this affect the installer?

It might mean a regression on kfreebsd-* (I don't see an eject-udeb binary
on hurd). I'm adding debian-bsd@ and debian-hurd@ in copy.

> KiBi, is this a blocker in your opinion?

While non-Linux issues aren't usually a blocker, I wouldn't welcome a
gratuitous breakage there. I'll let porters comment first.

The i18n/l10n part going away would be a blocker though.


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