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Re: some notes on util-linux takeover of eject


Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> (2017-10-16):
> I've CCed debian-boot for this specific issue


> On Mon, 1 Jun 2015 18:28:03 +0200 Andreas Henriksson <andreas@fatal.se>
> wrote:
> > * udeb
> > 
> >   The eject package builds the eject-udeb package, which util-linux
> >   will need to provide. (Another option would be to ship it inside
> >   util-linux-udeb but that would probably need coordination with the
> >   installer team.)
> >   The eject utility from util-linux will also bring a dependency
> >   on libmount, which currently has no udeb. This needs to be added
> >   as well. Should hopefully not be an issue... (famous last words?)

Please coordinate with debian-boot@ (bonus points: cc me) when changing
udebs; that includes introducing new udebs.

> > * translations
> > 
> >   make sure to include template and translations from old package.
> >   debian/eject-udeb.templates, debian/po, etc.
> >   See: man dh_installdebconf
> > 
> > * Other things to consider
> > 
> >   debian/eject-udeb.postinst -- some comments on exactly what purpose
> >                                 this serves would be welcomed....
> Christian, do you know where eject is used in d-i and what the debconf
> translations and the postinst are used for?

As mentioned on #debian-boot earlier, postinst, config, templates (and
their translation) are used with the eject-udeb package getting inserted
into main-menu, which is d-i's main program, driving debconf prompts.

So if you move the udeb around, please retain all relevant metadata
(including the XB-Installer-Menu-Item field, which tells d-i where to
insert this item into main-menu).

If you move stuff around, please make sure we update this file
accordingly, to track l10n status:


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