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Bug#818065: console-setup is not read correctly at boottime and must be started manually

On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 02:55:58PM +0000, Rupert Perry wrote:
> > This happened to me as well, check if a slight change to the systemd
> > unit file helps:
> > /lib/systemd/system/console-setup.service
> > RequiresMountsFor=/usr /tmp
> I have this same problem and I tried this solution and it didn't fix 
> the problem for me.

I suppose this fixes the problem with the upgrades of console-setup. But I
don't like this solution because even if it fixes the problem (does it?),
it is not the right solution.  I don't think console-setup 
needs /tmp for its work.  This solution works only because requiring 
/tmp to be mounted means some other dependency will be satisfied as 
well.  But who knows what this other dependency is...

Anton Zinoviev

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