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Bug#818065: console-setup is not read correctly at boottime and must be started manually



> This happened to me as well, check if a slight change to the systemd

> unit file helps:

> /lib/systemd/system/console-setup.service

> RequiresMountsFor=/usr /tmp


> i.e. add /tmp

> My /tmp is mounted as tmpfs so that could pose a problem. After changing

> this line console-setup seems to start normally during the boot up.


I have this same problem and I tried this solution and it didn’t fix the problem for me.  However, when I then ran 'rm /etc/console-setup/cached_*' and then 'setupcon --save-only' and this fixed the problem.
As I am running etckeeper, I checked to see the difference in the newly generated files and noticed that the old loadkeys in /etc/console-setup/cached_setup_keyboard.sh refers to a temporary file in /tmp whereas the new version refers to /etc/console-setup/cached_UTF-8_del.kmap.gz instead.  See here:
root@duck:/etc# git diff
diff --git a/console-setup/cached_setup_keyboard.sh b/console-setup/cached_setup_keyboard.sh
index bdc822d..30b46c1 100755
--- a/console-setup/cached_setup_keyboard.sh
+++ b/console-setup/cached_setup_keyboard.sh
@@ -10,4 +10,4 @@ kbd_mode '-u' < '/dev/tty3'
 kbd_mode '-u' < '/dev/tty4'
 kbd_mode '-u' < '/dev/tty5'
 kbd_mode '-u' < '/dev/tty6'
-loadkeys '/tmp/tmpkbd.iDWdSi' > '/dev/null'
+loadkeys '/etc/console-setup/cached_UTF-8_del.kmap.gz' > '/dev/null'
It would seem to me that when the original cached_setup_keyboard.sh was generated previously, the temporary file was incorrectly put into /etc/ console-setup/cached_setup_keyboard.sh instead of the correct file.
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