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Re: isc-dhcpd vs udhcpd

On 23/10/17 08:36, Ondřej Surý wrote:
> Hi,
> while revising bind9 udebs, KiBi suggested that non-Linux architectures
> might be using isc-dhcpd instead of udhcpd due some problems and it
> might be a good idea to revise the decision now that we have a busybox
> maintainer?

I presume you actually mean the DHCP client here (isc-dhcp-client and
udhcpc) as opposed to the server implementation. Please correct me if
I'm wrong about this.

Speaking as one of the two busybox maintainers, we'd certainly be happy
to help make sure udhcpc is usable across as many systems as possible in
Debian. As James has mentioned the udhcpc code is Linux-specific
currently so needs additional porting work to non-Linux architectures,
but we'd be happy to work with porters and liaise with upstream to get
patches integrated.

I'm going to personally refrain from suggesting one option over another
as I feel it represents a conflict of interest, but I'm definitely
interested in levelling the playing field and making it more difficult
to pick between the two!


Chris Boot

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