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Re: isc-dhcpd vs udhcpd

On 23 Oct 2017, at 08:36, Ondřej Surý <ondrej@sury.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> while revising bind9 udebs, KiBi suggested that non-Linux architectures
> might be using isc-dhcpd instead of udhcpd due some problems and it
> might be a good idea to revise the decision now that we have a busybox
> maintainer?

That's not going to work right now for two reasons:

 1. Busybox still FTBFS on these (I have a patch series submitted upstream that
    needs minor revisions, so this should resolve itself soon).

 2. udhcp's Config.src has "select PLATFORM_LINUX", so building udhcp{c,d}
    isn't even attempted (it includes linux/filter.h and linux/if_packet.h).

I'm sure it could be ported, but someone would need to do that work.


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