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Re: [debhelper-devel] Bug#879478: debhelper: dh_testroot regression: relies on debian/control


Niels Thykier <niels@thykier.net> (2017-10-22):
> Unfortunately, I cannot even fix this by guarding it with a compat bump
> (because that will die as it cannot find debian/compat).  For now, I
> will have it issue a warning and continue (plus make some assumptions
> about what the d/control file would have contained).  But eventually, I
> will remove that fallback and that *cannot* happen with a compat bump.
> For you, an easy fix appears be to re-arrange the lines:
> 	dh_testroot
> 	@[ -d ../debian ] || { echo "directory '../debian' [...] }
> Into:
> 	@[ -d ../debian ] || { echo "directory '../debian' [...] }
> 	cd .. && dh_testroot
> (Only occurs two places AFAICT in the Makefile).  This change would also
> be backwards compatible for you.

FYI (debian-boot@): I've checked after filing this bug report that daily
builds are broken… and that release builds are broken as well, so fixing
the issue by taking this proposed change should work for all use cases.

I've filed #879554 to make sure we don't forget about updating d-i
before debhelper gets updated again. I'll probably double check this
for the next buster alpha release.

> The scope of dh_testroot has changed and I have committed an update of
> the documentation of dh_testroot targeting 10.10.1.  Furthermore, I
> have added a note in debhelper.7 that all debhelper tools must be run
> from the unpacked source root (except where otherwise noted).


Also: Thanks for the quick reply.


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