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Re: debian-installer: call to update translations - Hebrew

On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 9:32 PM, Holger Wansing <linux@wansing-online.de> wrote:

Lior Kaplan <kaplan@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi Holger,
> Thanks for the ping about the Hebrew translation.
> I've asked my local community for help, and got a few replies with
> attachments.
> I started reviewing them, but got tired in the middle and annoyed about SVN
> and not able to select only the parts I find OK and willing to commit.
> Hence, I used git-svn and created a copy of the repository on github (yes, I
> know it's non free, but practical as a beginning):
> https://github.com/kaplanlior/debian-installer
> I've asked my community to resend the file as pull requests so it would be
> easier
> to review (also getting feedback by others).
> I hope this experiment goes well and will motivate us (@debian-boot) to
> switch
> to git.
> In the larger Debian picture, our git.debian.org doesn't get pull requests,
> and thus
> misses some of the power git offers. Patches over the mail is good, but we
> can
> do better and get more people involved.

People seem to be more interested in web-based services, it seems, so
they can do their work in a simple webbrowser.

And we have the first pull request. Already commented to him (:


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