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Bug#872764: Package: installation-reports

Package: installation-reports

Boot method:
I downloaded iso by torrent to my Lenovo x200 running Ubuntu.
put ISO onto USB start up 
put USB into my Lenovo x250
it booted fine.

Image version: 
  1. https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/non-free/cd-including-firmware/9.1.0+nonfree/amd64/bt-dvd/

Date: Started Sunday 20th August about 3pm GMT

Machine: Lenovo x250
Processor: not sure right now
Memory: 8 GB
Partitions: I said use the entire USB disk (128GB) and LVM encrypted.

Output of lspci -knn (or lspci -nn): sorry, can't since haven't aborted installation yet.

Base System Installation Checklist:
[O] = OK, [E] = Error (please elaborate below), [ ] = didn't try it

Initial boot:           [ 0]
Detect network card:    [ 0]
Configure network:      [ 0]
Detect CD:              [  ] I don't have a CD
Load installer modules: [ 0] I think so.
Detect hard drives:     [ 0] Detected all HD correctly
Partition hard drives:  [ 0] full disk encrypted LVM
Install base system:    [ 0]
Clock/timezone setup:   [ 0]
User/password setup:    [ 0]
Install tasks:          [ E] 
it seems stuck in the middle of installing software. see above.

Install boot loader:    [ ]
Overall install:        [ ]


Hi, I've left the installation hanging. Still on the screen of my laptop. I'd rather not start all over again.
I looked on IRC, but everyone asleep.
Will try to get on tomorrow evening.

kind regards, Frank

  1. X200 Download torrent of Debian 9 DVD 1 with non free software.

    1. https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/non-free/cd-including-firmware/9.1.0+nonfree/amd64/bt-dvd/

  2. X200 install dvd to 16 GB USB drive

  3. X250 install usb to usb

    1. Bug: Doesn’t recognize mouse in the beginning, but does later, by the time I choose domain name.

    2. Bug: Installation procedure doesn’t have buttons on each screen to cancel cleanly.

      1. I really wanted those during netinstall

    3. Bug: Non free install still asked for wifi files, but they were there already, shouldn’t it detect before asking for them?

  1. Partition disks: guided: use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM

  2. Was able to point to other usb drive 128 gb

  3. Long time to erase disk

  4. Defaults selected ongoingly

  5. No extra desktops, just debian, not gnome.

    1. Something failed, got back to desktop choices, chose gnome

  6. Select and install software: /media/cdrom/:Please insert the disc labeled: ‘Debian GNU/Linux 9.1.0_Stretch_-Official amd64 DVD Binary-1 20170722-11:29’ in the drive ‘media/cdrom/’ and press [Enter]

    1. Can’t exit, skip, give other media, etc., can’t escape, continue just stays there

    2. On file 1223 of 1479 blinks on the screen when I type escape

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