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Bug#872725: installation-reports: When installing with a encrypted swap, device was saved as /dev/sda2 in /etc/crypttab, but on first boot devices had been switched (sda became sdb, and vice versa).

Hi Julien,

Julien Lecomte <julien@lecomte.at> (2017-08-20):
> Boot method: CD on USB flashdrive
> Image version: latest debian 9 available on site (as of 2017-08-19)
> Date: 2017-08-20
> Machine: built
> Partitions: cf. below
> Initial boot:           [O]
> Detect network card:    [O]
> Configure network:      [O]
> Detect CD:              [O]
> Load installer modules: [O]
> Clock/timezone setup:   [O]
> User/password setup:    [O]
> Detect hard drives:     [O]
> Partition hard drives:  [O]
> Install base system:    [O]
> Install tasks:          [O]
> Install boot loader:    [O]
> Overall install:        [O]
> Comments/Problems:
> When I installed Debian, I chose the following for my personalized partition:
> /dev/sda
>   /dev/sda1 => /boot, ext4
>   /dev/sda2 => encrypted, swap
>   /dev/sda3 => encrypted, /
> I left my /dev/sdb as unused, it only has /dev/sdb1
> The following got saved in crypttab:
> sda2_crypt /dev/sda2 /dev/urandom cipher=aes-xts-plain64,size=256,swap
> sda3_crypt UUID=34d65b53-5df5-48da-8ca6-884b38a9cd7d none luks
> And the fstab was saved as :
> UUID=f2050f17-78c5-431f-bfdc-80af4f2d0dc9 /boot ext4 discard,sync 0 2
> /dev/mapper/sda3_crypt / ext4 discard,errors=remount-ro 0       1
> /dev/mapper/sda2_crypt none swap sw 0 0
> Nevertheless, on reboot, I noticed that swap was not mounted. The issue is that
> on first reboot, /dev/sda and /dev/sdb got switched.
> All the partitions referenced by UUID got mounted correctly.
> I'm probably lucky that /dev/sda2 from install didn't point to
> anything anymore since it could have trashed a partition of mine.
> Shouldn't /etc/crypttab be created by using the UUID or partid of the
> swap?

I've only toyed with guided encrypted LVM setups, and there swap is on an
LV, so I haven't seen this yet.

Storing /dev/sda2 there looks buggy indeed, esp. since the root partition
is pointed to by UUID instead…

I'm not familiar with the relevant code yet though.


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