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Re: Black screen / X issue fixed


Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> (2017-08-14):
> Yes that's the behaviour I was commenting on in IRC, and which was
> obviously being spotted by the jenkins/cucumber setup.

Sorry, based on earlier comments over the previous days/weeks, I went
for a “X is broken” shortcut and might not have actually got your exact

> BTW It is possible to run get something like shell access to the
> running d-i via its ttyS0 (by putting rather a lot of stuff on the
> kernel boot command line), so if that would help I can run tests for
> you and/or explain the proceedure.

If you would have a little time to explain this, that would be immensely
useful. Feel free to just sum it up quickly in an email, I might write
some docs about it afterwards.



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