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Bug#870869: Segfault during libc-l10n install on kirkwood (armel)

* Peter Mogensen <apm@terplund.dk> [2017-08-12 08:42]:
> >> (even though the kirkwood-qnap script can't auto-detect the right
> >> kernel version on a 419PII)
> > 
> > Maybe the QNAP firmware has changed.  If you can easily go back to the
> > QNAP firmware, we can look into this issue.
> I have the original firmware "somewhere", but the box has been running
> wheezy for 2 years and it hasn't had any upgrades from QNAP.

Oh, sorry, I thought you were talking abou the flash-debian script
(the script you run on the QNAP firmware to run the installer).  But
you're talking about kirkwood-qnap, the script in flash-kernel.  What
error did you get?  Which verison of Debian did you run it on?

Martin Michlmayr

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