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Bug#870869: Segfault during libc-l10n install on kirkwood (armel)

* Peter Mogensen <apm@terplund.dk> [2017-08-05 22:23]:
> While trying to install stretch on a QNAP 419PII, the installation
> consistently fails with a segfault in dpkg when it tries to install
> locales and libc-l10n.

I received one other report about a segfault on QNAP (when running
anna) a few months ago.  (This was in private mail and wasn't reported
to debian-boot even though I recommened it.)

Unfortunately, I don't really know what's going on.

> Using the kernel-6282

Are you sure you're using the right kernel?

> (even though the kirkwood-qnap script can't auto-detect the right
> kernel version on a 419PII)

Maybe the QNAP firmware has changed.  If you can easily go back to the
QNAP firmware, we can look into this issue.

Martin Michlmayr

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