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Re: RFC: Switching guided partitioning to LVM by default?

Le samedi, 5 août 2017, 22.20:21 h EDT Geert Stappers a écrit :
> When we take LVM as default (which is fine for me)
> then we should have the courage to have free PE.
> So not assign all diskspace.

Yes. I just tried on a stretch mini.iso, if you pick "Guided - use a whole 
disk with LVM" , the default partitioning you get is "All files in one 
partition" :
	254.8 Mb /boot on ext2
	107.1 Gb lvm in which …
		1.1 Gb of swap
		106 Gb /

If we go the LVM by default route, I'd at least consider making the LVM not 
entirely filled, and maybe also swap the default to a separate /home.


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