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Re: Last chance for d-i changes in stretch

Cyril Brulebois writes:
> Didier 'OdyX' Raboud (2017-05-27):
>> It also currently uses httpredir.debian.org as only mirror, so we should 
>> decide if it makes sense to consolidate onto deb.debian.org for win32-
>> loader too.
> Unless we're aware of limitations win32-loader might hit on deb.d.o, I'd
> go for a transition to this hostname.
> Ditto for d-i-n-i, which I'll check right away.

httpredir.d.o seems to be just an alias for deb.d.o these days: I see a
"Welcome to deb.debian.org!" page when I open httpredir.d.o in a

So changing the mirror from httpredir.d.o to deb.d.o should be very
low-risk :-)


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