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Bug#862369: debian-installer: Manual installation with root on lvm/raid 1 does not boot

Alfred Grimstad <agrimstad@gmail.com> (2017-05-15):
> When I get to the end of the installation process and it's time to
> configure grub, I only select one disk, i.e., /dev/sda. To get grub
> installed on the second disk I always go through that final part of the
> installation again--before it's time to boot the new installation for
> the first time--to select the other drive, i.e., /dev/sdb. I can't quite
> remember, but I believe the way one selects is to choose one from a menu
> (/dev/sda, /dev/sdb, /dev/md0), not enter the path in a text field
> --which would permit listing both or any other stupid path or paths,
> opening up the opportunity to introduce an error.

Well, the first entry in the menu (“Enter device manually”) makes it
possible to specify paths manually, and separating them with a space
makes it possible to specify several of them at once.

I haven't played with going back and forth to iterate with different
settings like what you've mentioned, but given the syslog you attached,
it looks like there was no run with /dev/sda, which explains your system
didn't boot.


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