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Bug#861263: debian-installer: zfs support

On Fri, 2017-05-05 at 22:52 +0100, Sam Kuper wrote:
> If so, is there
> any reason in principle why that installer could not in future be
> distributed with the capability to (download and) compile and run ZFS,
> and to provide the user with the option to install Debian onto a ZFS
> root partition?

There is no build toolchain (gcc et al) available for the installer
environment itself, nor are kernel headers provided there.

It would in theory be possible to arrange build and install modules
during installation using the in-progress target installation (where
the normal toolchain packages could be installed) such that they are
available during the latter parts of the install procedure -- that is
clearly of limited use for any modules which are required for the
filesystems which you want to install to (certainly the root fs and
perhaps any separate /usr or /var partition(s)). For most other
partitions it would probably be just as easy to format them post-
install anyway.


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