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Re: Bug#861263: debian-installer: zfs support

On Fri, 2017-05-05 at 21:40 +0100, Sam Kuper wrote:
> So, I am not sure why you say that ZFSonLinux binaries are non-free.
> Please could you explain?

I was referring specifically to the binary kernel modules, which have a
mixture of CDDL and GPLv2 code.  These licences are incompatible so the
binaries cannot be distribured, thus are non-free.  That is why
ZFSonLinux module source is in the 'contrib' section, not 'main'.

I assume, though I haven't checked, that the userland packages are
CDDL-only (and dynamically linked to LGPL libraries) which is fine.


Ben Hutchings
The program is absolutely right; therefore, the computer must be wrong.

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