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Bug#860467: apt-setup https protocol support in generators/91security for security mirror

Hi Daniel,

Daniel Khodaparast <daniel.khodaparast@bronto.com> (2017-04-17):
> This observation resulted from working on a preseed configuration for a
> Ubuntu install, while attempting to use an internal security mirror we have
> for security.ubuntu.com.  This mirror uses https, which after much
> debugging/digging is not a supported protocol by apt-setup for security_host
> and security_path.
> Currently in generators/91security there is a bit of hardcoding that forces
> this to use the http protocol.  There is no way to override this like with
> mirror/protocol.  Unfortunately we had to create a non-https mirror of
> security.ubuntu.com as a stop-gap result.
> It would be nice if there was an equivalent way to set this protocol as
> mirror/protocol.  Preferably, this could be apt-setup/security_protocol to
> coincide with the existing parameters (secuirty_host and security_path).

Right now, the only setting available is apt-setup/security_host, and there's
no apt-setup/security_path (“debian-security” is hardcoded).

Adding support for both shouldn't be too hard but:
 - we're trying to release stretch, so at some point it would be nice to
   stop making changes;
 - https support would be a nice addition but lacking it isn't a
   regression at this point (as I mentioned on IRC, https support is
   rather new); also, should it be automatically set to https if the
   main mirror was selected as https?

At this point, I think it would be fair to ask interested people to work
on this in a buster branch, not to be uploaded to unstable until the
release of stretch?


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