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Bug#860180: [d-i manual CSS stylesheet] icon file missing for <tip> tag

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> 	[Tip] Tip
> 	...
> 	...
> The corresponding <tip> tag is used twice in the manual, but it is not
> integrated in the CSS stylesheet, and there is no icon file for tip. 
> In PDF variant it works fine.
> Comparing with other Debian-Doc manuals, there are others which don't have
> a tip icon too, while the maint-guide has a tip icon, which is identical
> with our note icon (but their note icon is a complete different one).
> So, adding tip into the CSS would be one way to go, or change the
> two occurences of <tip> in the source code into something like <note>.

For the first proposal:
We could use the attached icon for <tip> (a white i in a blue circle, from
Tango icon project, as the others).
Also attached is the needed changing in install.css and a screenshot, how it
would look like.

What do you think?


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Index: build/stylesheets/install.css
--- build/stylesheets/install.css	(Revision 70672)
+++ build/stylesheets/install.css	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@
 /* Infos blocks */
-.important, .caution, .note {
+.important, .caution, .note, .tip {
     margin-left: 2em;
     margin-right: 2em;

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