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Bug#860180: [d-i manual CSS stylesheet] icon file missing for <tip> tag

Package: installation-guide
Severity: minor


Innocent de Marchi pointed me on a small glitch in the installation-guide,
which can be seen here:

After the third paragraph, there is a "Tip" sentence and a "Note" sentence.
While the Note is correct, the Tip is lacking its graphical symbol.
And that's why it looks like

	[Tip] Tip

The corresponding <tip> tag is used twice in the manual, but it is not
integrated in the CSS stylesheet, and there is no icon file for tip. 
In PDF variant it works fine.

Comparing with other Debian-Doc manuals, there are others which don't have
a tip icon too, while the maint-guide has a tip icon, which is identical
with our note icon (but their note icon is a complete different one).

So, adding tip into the CSS would be one way to go, or change the
two occurences of <tip> in the source code into something like <note>.


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