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Re: partman-auto-crypto_25_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable


Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org> (2017-04-02):
> What do you want to see where? Another hunk to [1]? That doesn't seem to
> feature crypto at all yet. installer/doc/devel/partman-auto-recipe.txt
> doesn't mention it either.
> I don't mind adding a hunk like this:
> # When disk encryption is enabled, skip wiping the partitions
> # beforehand.
> #d-i partman-auto-crypto/erase_disks boolean false

Yeah, I meant [1], and this would be a nice start yeah.

> Do you think there should be more, like an example recipe?

Not sure we need more than that, but feel free to add recipes. :)


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