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can't get the debian-installer code by svn

hi all,

     I want get a source code of debian-installer,but failed.the error message is :
harry@BJ-LD-1229:~/Project/000debian8.7$ svn co svn://anonscm.debian.org/svn/d-i/trunk d-i
A    d-i/packages
A    d-i/packages/po
A    d-i/packages/po/header.pot
A    d-i/packages/po/packages_list
A    d-i/packages/po/README
A    d-i/packages/po/sublevel1
A    d-i/packages/po/sublevel1/pa.po
A    d-i/packages/po/sublevel1/hi.po
A    d-i/packages/po/sublevel1/ne.po
A    d-i/packages/po/sublevel1/ta.po
svn: E140001: zlib (uncompress): corrupt data: Decompression of svndiff data failed

please help us ! Thanks!

Best Regards



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