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Bug#857545: choose-mirror: FTBFS due to encoding issues

Source: choose-mirror
Version: 2.76
Severity: normal
Tags: patch l10n


I only noticed choose-mirror was FTBFSing right after pushing the 2.76
tag, so I cancelled the upload to avoid wasting resources. The failure
is due to a mirror's getting added for RE Réunion in Mirrors.masterlist;
I've first tried to strip the acute accent from the list, but that's not
sufficient since the mapping is done through iso-codes, where Réunion is
spelled with this accent.

The FTBFS looks like this:
| # Build the templates
| ./mktemplates debian/choose-mirror-bin.templates-in debian/choose-mirror-bin.templates.http-in debian/choose-mirror-bin.templates.https-in debian/choose-mirror-bin.templates.ftp.base-in debian/choose-mirror-bin.templates.both-in
| Creating the list of countries for HTTP mirrors... Done.
| Creating the list of countries for HTTPS mirrors... Done.
| Creating the list of countries for FTP mirrors... Done.
| Insert the lists of choices into the templates file... Done.
| ERROR: xgettext failed to generate PO template file because there is non-ASCII
|        string marked for translation. Please make sure that all strings marked
|        for translation are in uniform encoding (say UTF-8), then *prepend* the
|        following line to POTFILES.in and rerun intltool-update:
|            [encoding: UTF-8]
| Makefile:90: recipe for target 'debian/choose-mirror-bin.templates' failed
| make[2]: *** [debian/choose-mirror-bin.templates] Error 1

So I've tried this:
| diff --git a/mktemplates b/mktemplates
| index 6b60866..8240550 100755
| --- a/mktemplates
| +++ b/mktemplates
| @@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ mkdir debian/pobuild
|  # Create the appropriate POTFILES.in file there
|  cat >debian/pobuild/POTFILES.in <<EOF
| +[encoding: UTF-8]
|  [type: gettext/rfc822deb] templates.tmp
|  EOF

That seems to do the trick, but it would be great to have a confirmation
that it's OK to have non-ASCII characters in Choices field of templates.


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