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Check sum fail for file texlive_latex_extra_doc_2016.20170123-2_all.deb for both i386 and amd64 DVD iso images


Again, I hope this is the right place to raise the above observation.

I got a bad media or corrupted file message when installing Stretch testing onto my IBM R60e notebook. This was when I selected "Print Server" at "Choose software to install" process and the image was i386 DVD iso image generated on Jan 23, 2017. I was able to successfully install Stretch when I deselected "Print Server" in the process.

After which I decided to run the Check the Integrity of CD-ROM disk on the USB stick I used and found out that it was the file texlive_latex_extra_doc_2016.20170123-2_all.deb file that failed the MD5 sum check. At this point I decided the run the same test on the amd64 USB stick (also generated on Jan 27, 2017) and encountered the same error message.

I deleted the two iso files on my hard disk, reformatted the USB stick and downloaded a fresh copy of both the i386 and amd64 DVD images generated on Jan 27 to start afresh again. I encountered the same failure on exactly the same file on both disk images.

I then waited for the Feb 13 DVD iso images, downloaded them and checked them for integrity before I start a fresh install. I encountered the same error message at exactly the same file on both the DVD iso image.

I used jigdo-lite to download all these iso images and there were all good.

Has anyone came across this?


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