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Abnormality observed in using Stretch installer (Testing image Jan 23 2017) - locale selections


I hope this is the right place to raise the above observation.

I used the Stretch testing dvd image generated Jan 23, 2017 and observed that whenever I chose Chinese locales (all Singapore, China and Taiwan variants selected) in addition to the main system default locale en_SG.UTF-8 (along with all en_US, en_GB and en_SG variants selected), the Installer would start in English but first jumped outputing progress information in Chinese at and after the subprocess of "Drivers to included in the initrd" of "Installation the base system". Eventually even the dialogue for the installation process itself were all in Chinese.

When I chose only the English variants for all US, GB and SG and selected en_SG.UTF-8 as system default the installation process when were all in English.

Has anyone came across this?


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